About Us

The Mudlik Toi Co-operative of Eragayam Village, West Papua invites You

  1. To contribute to this huge breakthrough project for human race.
  2. To help us develop the selected “Red Pandanus Trees” that we already know from our past generations in order to help cure various modern human diseases.

The red pandanus tree native to the Isle of New Guinea is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is called Tawy by the Lani people of West Papua, and Toi in Walak and Nggem Tribes of West Papua. The Indonesian people mis-named it “Buah Merah”, but it should be called “Buah Pandan Merah”. Marata and Marita or Morita in Papua New Guinea’s Tok Pisin. Pandanus conoideus Lam is the latin name for the Red Pandanus Fruit Tree of New Guinea.

This web page is our only media we invite every human beings in the world to cooperate with us in promoting the development of the Red Pandanus Oil processing and we send this open invite to you out there to participate in helping this humanitarian mission to be developed and completed in the Isle of New Guinea (West Papua, Papua New Guinea) and Vanuatu.

We also need your assistance in registering this fruit for the intellectual property rights of the Indigenous Melanesians to the IUCN Office, to get recognised and protected from mis-use and commercialization that will hinder our humanitarian mission to help all human beings in the world to get free from various deadly modern diseases.

This fruit oil is one of the healthiest fruit oil on the planet and many modern people don’t know about this. We are working right now, so that one day it will be available at your local shop.

The Pandanus conoideus Lam fruit oil project needs the help now to start the DEVELOPMENT UNDER THE HIGH HEALTH AND MODERN TECHNOLOGY STANDARDS. It needs to be developed into various products such as soup, juice, shampoo, capsule, lipsticks, for curing serious illness or skin cuts, inner or outer problems, with this fully natural oil.

  • it will help people along with the other natural medicines
  • This is a development is ready and organised by our local Cooperative, people who want to help are invited to contribute.
  • There will be further researched to be developed, and further variations of products for different applications and purposes.