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Hello world! This is the Pandanus conoideus Lam Online Store

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This online store specially for the Red Pandanus Fruit Oil of the Isle of New Guinea is intended to help anybody in the world who are suffering from various modern deadly diseases, particularly cancer and tumor.

We ara Papuans, from the Isle of New Guinea. We sell this red pandanus oil not because we want to make money, but our primary goal is to help as many people as possible in the world to get cured from various modern deadly diseases.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of red palm oil mainly derive from the lycopene, tocotrienol and the alpha- and beta-carotene which it is so rich in. Firstly, what has so many natural health practitioners so excited is that use of this oil appears to increase overall mental acuity and cognitive function and at the same time reduces one’s chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. With Alzheimer’s disease on the rise, use of this oil might prove to be particularly beneficial for the elderly. []

Another website from Japan says

Effect of vitamin A is believed to β- carotene, but this theory has arisen the question. 106 years this year than vitamin discovered. New era of vitamin starts now.

Red fruit Buahmerah

  • Nutrition functional food of the world’s attention
  • Stable because it is soft capsules of Buameraoiru
  • Is a treasure trove of carotenoids Buamera, including most of it is and you know no micronutrient β- cryptoxanthin.
  • The natural oils obtained without the use of any chemical substance from the flesh of Pandanaceae Tawi, contains vitamins fat-soluble.
  • Natural Buameraoiru that enhanced blended natural vitamin E in, is a functional food nutrition Buamera 500VE.
  • In the EU (European Union) we will not go a new material application.
  • Western natural micro nutrient that whites admitted is Buamera.
  • In addition, in June 2014 were certified as a functional food formally Korea FDA.
  • Because it is not water-soluble food, oxidative decomposition of the carotenoid does not occur.

And many other sources show that this fruit is beneficial for human society right now before it get taken away from people by multinational companies who have more concern on capital benefits rather than humanitarian aspect of this miraculous heavenly fruit of New Guinea.

We hope anybody interested in investing for humanity will contact us to act for the benefits of many human beings in the world.

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