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Inhibitory effect of Buah Merah oil on melanogenesis via degradation of tyrosinase

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M. Hatai et al. Inhibitory effect of Buah Merah oil on melanogenesis via degradation of tyrosinase.Under publication, J Agro-Based Industry
T. Nishigaki et al. Mutagenicity study of Pandanus conideus oil. Under publication. J Agro-Based Industry
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Fuzhi Lian Int J. Cancer:. 119, 2084-2089, 2006 (. Paper obtained from Dr.Wang of the main researchers who wish to contact us)
Town information July 16, 2006 (Nagano Prefecture, Chubu, Shinano Mainichi Shimbun’s information magazine centered on the southern part)
8 月 15 日 年 2006 Health Life
November 22, 2006 health industry newspaper
April 15, 2007 Sankei Shimbun book ad
June 4, 2007 Nagasaki newspaper Buamera, Buamera books, researchers introductory article (PDF)


Kasiat Buah Merah Se buah Kajian di Jepang.

Aut Nishigaki and Dr. Ingrid Waspodo
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