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Kajian Teknis Standar Buah Merah (Pandanus conoideus Lam)

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Ministry of Industry, Indonesia – Gadjah Mada University, Available from: Hendra Wijaya, Retrieved on: 26 September 2015


Buah merah oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the extraction process of red fruit (Pandanus
conoideus Lam). The increasing numbers of buah merah oil products in the market will
require a standard of buah merah oil to ensure quality and safety of the product. Based on
the study, quality parameters and requirements of the proposed buah merah oil are a consist
of normal smell, normal taste, red until dark red colour, max 0,5% of water content, max 0,2
mEq / kg of peroxide number, max 0.3% of free fatty acid, from 70,0 to 80,0 g iod/100g of iod
numbers, 221-230 of saponification numbers, min 20 mg/kg of β-carotene, min 1,60 mg/100g
of β-cryptoxanthin, and min 125 mg/kg of α-tokoferol. For heavy metal contamination, timbel
is max. 0,1 mg/kg, mercury is max 0,03 mg/kg and arsenic is max 0,1 mg/kg. Microbial
contamination limits for Aerobic Plate Count and mold respectively are max. 10 col/ml.
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