Pandanus Lam

In this website we use the terms

  • “Tawy” for the Papua Red Pandanus, or Red Fruit or Buah Merah
  • “Yiwaunggen” for “oil”, therefore, “Tawy Yiwaunggen” is used instead of commonly misused terms as: “Red Fruit Oil”, “Minyak Buah Merah”, or “Buah Meah Oil”.

For Red Pandanus Oil of Papua, we call “Tawy Yiwaunggen”, and for the Papua Yellow Pandanus Oil we call Wanggene Yiwaunggen.

The scientific name is “Pandanus conoideus Lam“, whereas we commonly call it in English as The New Guinea Red Pandanus Fruit.

Native highlanders in Papua New Guinea call it Marita fruit and make a red sauce out of it which is called marita sauce. Marita sauce is a ketchup-like substance which is used to flavor food.

Pandanus  conoideus Lam

Pandanus conoideus Lam is an endemic plant of New Guinea Island reported to be very rich in carotenoids. The purpose of this study was to develop method for the determination of carotenoids (α-cryptoxanthin, β-cryptoxanthin, α-carotene and β-carotene) in P. conoideus oil (PO) by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). sing the proposed method in this research, carotenoids content of nine clones of PO were analyzed which ranged from 5.4-138.5 ng/mg for α-cryptoxanthin, 3.9-29.4 ng/mg for β-cryptoxanthin, 3.5-80.0 ng/mg for α-carotene, and 10.8-118.0 ng/mg for β-carotene. Our results showed that four carotenoids content was very small as compared to total carotenoids content (3027-19959 ng/mg). This suggests that those four carotenoids were not a major component of the PO carotenoids. Using the principal component analysis, nine clones of P. conoideus can be grouped based on the proximity of its carotenoid content into group A (Monsor, Mbarugum, Himbiak, Monsrus and Memeri), group B (Menjib Rumbai), and group C (Edewewits, Hibcau and Hityom). []

The New Guinea Red Pandanus Fruit

  • The colour of the fruit is red
  • The colour of the souce is also red, and
  • The colour of the oil is red
  • It is a fruit of a pandanus tree

That is why it is called “Red Pandanus Fruit”

  • It grows only in the Isle of New Guinea

That is why we call it “the New Guinea Red Pandanus Fruit”

Buah Merah Papua

It is only by the Indonesians that call this fruit as “Buah Merah”, a name that does not represent what this fruit is. This fruit is not just “red in colour”, but the souce, the oil also read in colour, and it is not the only “red” fruit in the world. That is why it is a misconception to say that only this is “buah merah”. This should be called “Buah Pandan Merah” (The Red Pandanus Fruit).

We had red apple, red tomatoe, red manggoe, all are “buah merah”, all are “buah”, and all are “red” in colour. Therefore, this particularly fruit is NOT called Buah Merah, but “Buah Pandan Merah”.

Red fruit loved Dr. Nishigaki Toshiaki

What Buah Pandan Merah?

Doctor of Medicine Nishigaki Toshiaki, Tokyo Noni Research Institute, Tokyo Noni Research Center

It is possible to again introduce the secret of fruit now here called “Buah Merah” or Tawy that is not at all known in other parts / islands of the world.

The Recall if, August 17, 2005 10 years ago from now, from Japan over the 3rd arrived reached the highlands of Papua Island of Indonesia, also the previous world thousands, tens of thousands of years is a big surprise appeared before things It is not possible to forget that the chest was throbbing violently with joy as well as feel.

View the world do not know in your eye, it is the best of joy for majoring’s a science to know, the challenge of the unknown is the food is also the energy that I live.

When you get off from the propeller plane to a small airport in the highlands of 2000m, here it was a different world.
Black men are wearing the naked no better than a Koteka to the waist, barefoot. Headdress hair bird with a short hair frizz the hair.

However, muscle does not have quite a large number are obese people in lower bound to have a prosperous.

Indeed woman wearing something modern style shirt and skirt-like, but was wearing a woolen hat for cold, wearing a grass skirt (grass skirt) made ​​of grass is a small village, the upper body was naked .

But then this land now visit frequently can now think that it is the Taoyuan From a human lower bound.
We are an ancestor of the human race, the beginning of the people who were farming survive in the world, not forced to admire wisdom for health maintenance.

It is a “red fruit Buamera” its representative to introduce in this book series. We have survived go with enable Buamera in harsh diet and the environment from at least 30,000 years.

Buamera is a nutritional functional food for the health and longevity even for modern people, has a lot of hidden upcoming effect and operation,’s a rare fruit that is allowed to rethink the modern science.

July 2015, The authors, at Shinshu Azumino