Buah Merah and Papuan People (2)

Buah Merah and Papuan People (2)

Mathelda Kurniaty Roreng, S.TP, M.Si 1 and Toshiaki Nishigaki, Ph.D 2

1) Head, Agricultural Technology Laboratory
Faculty of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology, University of Papua, Indonesia

2) Consultant, M & K Laboratories Inc., Japan
Special Researcher, Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Shinshu University, Japan

How is Buah Merah cooked?

There are some varieties in Buah Merah inclusive of short-, medium- or long-sized ones.
In the highland of Baliem valley, the local Papuans cultivate and utilize the most economical and nutritious long-sized fruits.
Now, the dwellers living in lowland areas transferred Buah Merah trees from the highlands and plant them.
However, it is believed that the fruits grown at highlands of Baliem valley and its vicinity are best in terms of nutrition because of climates.
The temperatures in the highlands are 14 to 28 ℃ in lowest and highest averages, and it rains slightly compared to the lowlands (7).

The highland people collect Buah Merah fruit whenever the fruit is matured.
The fruit is harvested two times a year. Harvesting time varies from areas to areas.
Therefore, it is able to take Buah Merah almost all the year around.

The Buah Merah fruits are cooked in their traditional way to make Pasta source.
It is said that the excess Pasta is stored in a bamboo container and used for one year.
Nowadays, the Pasta or extract oil is kept in a glass bottle.

Indonesia 184

Buah Merah pasta / oil in glass bottles

Papuan authentic cooking recipe, Bakar Batsu

The Pasta is ingested with steamed and / or roasted sweet potato, taro or vegetables.
The pig is very important domesticated animal and valuable as only source of animal food for native Papuan folks.
In a few occasion such as marriage and special ceremonies, pig is cooked with their traditional cooking way, Bakar Batu in Papuan language, cooking with burned stones.
This cooking method might be spread to Polynesia from Papua or Melanesia.


Stones are burned with fire

Bakar Batu 1

Burned stones are placed inside grass-made oven


Sweet potatoes and vegetables in hot oven


Pig meats are cooked at most outer layer

In Bakar Batu, the heated stones are placed between each food material and they are not directly attached to the food materials by putting glasses between the stones and food materials.
Buah Merah fruit is placed at the lowest layer, and pig meat at the outset layer.

After the flesh of Buah Merah fruit is heated with hot stones, it is separated from underlying fibrous layer and then water is put in the flesh.
The flesh is vigorously mixed and squeezed with hands to separate the fruit meats from seeds and obtain the Pasta.
The Pasta is a mixture of Buah Merah oil and cellular matrices.

The Pasta is used as source for cooked meat, potatoes and vegetables.

Wamena 11.3-5.09004

Cooked Buah Merah flesh is mixed with water

Wamena 11.3-5.09007web

Pasta is made ​​by squeezing the mixture

Wamena 11.3-5.09011

Buah Merah oil is obtained with Pasta


Pasta is used as source for cooked foods

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