Buah Merah Japan

Buamera to the world

Inaugurated as Buamera study group in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture in December 2006
“Buamera the health, Read more Papua” You are the goal.

It performs Josen and awareness activities, such as research reports on tropical medicinal plants,
Conduct exchanges with the world of Indonesia Papua people of Buamera, will contribute to international understanding and cooperation.

Facility manager Nishigaki Akirakei (Nishigaki Myokei), pharmacist, MD, Ph.D.

Tokyo Noni Research Institute representative
Shinshu University School of Medicine Research Fellow
Indonesian Government Ministry of Industry and Agri-business Development Center (CABI) researcher
Indonesia Food and Beverage Association special member
Street address 390-0015 Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture Ari~ke destination 1-1-61
contact information E-mail: Buahmerahattopo.Mcci.Or.Jp
URL: Http://Www.Buahmerah.Jp/  
Mobile phones (NTT): 090-2723-8626
Mobile phone e-mail (Indonesia): + 62-813-8952-3711
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/buahmerah
Twitter Https://Twitter.Com/buahmerah
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