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year 2014

June Papua provincial government deputy governor and interviews, Indonesia around visit
January-February Papua Island Trikala Prefecture visit, local Buamera vegetation and Buameraoiru manufacturing process investigation


3 months Buamera briefing in South Korea
January-March European Union (EU) Nobel product application preparation


December Buamera Republic return home, attend a friend’s funeral
September Buamera Republic return home
June Buamera Republic return home
February The 2nd Buamera conference in Matsumoto


June 5 Conference towards clinical trials, Tokyo
May 17 The 1st Buamera conference in Tokyo
April 25 – May 7 Jakarta, Papua island, Java around
February 7 to 23 Jakarta, Papua island, Bali. Buamera Republic Kaikoku ceremony


November 4 to 5 The Buamera conference in Kobe
October 19 to 27 Indonesia, to Papua Island
October 11 to 15 Indonesia, international nutrition held in Bali function fine food Society report
Early September Indonesia, to Papua Island
June Indonesia, to Papua Island
April 14 to 16 Pathway search of back
March 29 Pharmaceutical Society of Japan participation
March 17 to 19 Health Expo 2010 (Tokyo), the real Buamera fruit was obtained from Papua Island, will be Japan’s first public
March 3 Foodex2010 visit, Tokyo
February Indonesia, in Bogor of CABI, and pharmacokinetic studies technical cooperation in human Buamera


October 28 – November 13

Nishigaki, business trip Papua Island

October 25

Safety study of Buamera, anti-tumor effect paper end, to post

September 20

Specified health food “Econa health oil” (Kao) sales down for contaminating carcinogen

August 23

Life extension study consideration at SHR-SP rats Buamera, Mukogawa Women’s University Faculty of Pharmacy, Professor Takaaki

August 3 to 12

Buamera Republic visit, Nishigaki the award from Papua government

July 23

Buamera clinical: meeting in the blood kinetic studies, and the University of Indonesia Pharmacy · CABI

June 15

1st Buamera 500VE campaign, prayer on the market in Japan

May 26

1st Buamera Republic inspection plan announced

April 15

Indonesia of the functional food introduction to health industry newspaper

March 11 to 13

M & K Laboratories, Buamera exhibited at the health expo 2009, free admission tickets at the Tokyo Big Sight is donating than M & K: Application Please

3 to 6 March

Buamera exhibited at Foodex 2009, Makuhari Messe, Indonesian Embassy booth

Early February

Nishigaki, Indonesia Bogor University Primate Research Institute visit plan
Buamera, pathology testing and results evaluation meeting of the rats four weeks administration test

January 30

Nishigaki, Kuriyama Buamera Tokyo conference

January 17

Nishigaki, the anti-tumor action result reporting meeting of Buamera, Tokyo

January 11

Nishigaki, and conference and Nakajima professor at Nagasaki

January 9

Indonesia, cooperation request of Buamera production from Papua Mimika Prefecture

January 5

News of the Nagasaki University Wada Associate Professor than this year Buamera of academic conferences (46th Nagasaki Prefecture Public Health Research Association)


October 18 to 20

Korea Buamera conference (Seoul City)

October 17

Buamera analysis meeting with Nagasaki University Faculty of Pharmacy (Nakajima Professor, Wada Associate Professor)

September 12

Japan Buamera conference (at Matsumoto City)

July 13

3rd Buamera meeting (mid-August, Papua)

July 13

Buamera quantitative analysis of technology transfer, research meeting tropical medicinal plants (August 4 – August 8)

July 13

Exhibition & Indonesian Embassy sponsored seminar (July 17 to 19)

June 12

Second times Buamera Conference (April 29 to 30)

April 20

NGO Articles of Incorporation decision

April 19

Japan Indoneeshia friendship agreement 50th Anniversary
Special events guidance of “Terima Kasih Japan, thank you Indonesia”

April 1st

NGO Tropical Medicinal Plants Research Group launched preparation start

3 months

The M & K report new safety findings Buamera


M & K Laboratories -‘s new package “Buamera 500” sale

February 27 to 29

The Buamera introduced in health expo 2008

February 15

Buamera meeting of the first times Papua government

January 14

Buamera Republic established


November 20

M & K Laboratories, health expo February 27, 2008 (Wed) to 29 (Fri.)
Exhibited scheduled for Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 2, 3, 5, and 6. Schedule of exhibition a real Buamera

November 10

M & K Laboratories, Bungeishunju Advertise Buamera of the December issue

November 2

Shinshu University International Symposium 2007, sustainable agriculture and the environment: Asia network **
September 19 to 21 Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry 56th Annual **
September 7 to 9 International lore pharmaceutical and medicinal plants Society (ICTMMP) **
July 26 to 27 Kyushu analytical chemistry young Association summer seminar **
July 19 M & K Laboratories Inc. with the Indonesian government “Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)” concluded ***
July 17 to 18 Indonesia food engineer Society (PATPI) *
July 1 Indonesian version of “Buah Merah” is published by CV Cindy Printing ***
June 4 Buamera and Buamera books of the introduction to Nagasaki newspaper ***
April “Buamera-red fruit loved Dr.” is published by YuTomo-sha (Japanese) ***

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