Buamera experience person report

Buamera experience person report

Many people are drinking the Buamera, it has been a good experience to various body.
Experience in Buamera is the hope to reference your of everyone.
In Buamera of the world, we are looking for everyone of your experience stories.

Testimonial Report of Buah Merah

Buah Merah (red fruit) has been taken by many people in the world and
experiencing something best different from other supplements for ill-body conditions.
We hope this testimonial reports are helpful to those who are interested in Buah Merah ..
Buah Mmera World is looking for reports of experiences on Buah Merah from everybody.

Hosokawa, male, 80 years old, Nagano Prefecture

Lung cancer disappeared in Buamera 500VE

Yesterday (October 6), there was a happy report.

Father of lung cancer in 1935 born, Buamera 500 4 capsules per day, it was three (3 months) reported that gone to drinking.

Because of the 80-year-old father began to frequent the cough from last year, was subjected to a thorough examination at the central hospital of a certain region, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.
The doctor has recommended a treatment with radiation therapy and anti-cancer agent for a lung cancer that can not be surgery.

In response to the radiation and anti-cancer agents for the treatment of cancer in relatives, and I knew that it died in the terrible side effects.

So, his father had refused any treatment.
June of this year, knows that Buamera is good for lung cancer treatment, were purchased immediately by raising the three to his father, it was recommended to drink.
Organic where noni juice also passed four, it seems was drinking every day a small amount not said to be bad.

From the doctor, it is about was has been sentenced up to until this year of Bon, or the end of the year, also provided of mourning.

However, when I was finished drinking three bottles of Buamera, when we visited the father, the cough was the pallor without any complexion is, the very health itself reddish.
The father says, the doctor had lost lung cancer, and just say it’s strange.

October now, I do not drink Buamera 500VE, beta-cryptoxanthin knew that it disappears from the body if it is not constantly replenished.
Since beta-cryptoxanthin concentration in the blood is high likelihood of recurrence of lung cancer and he following 5μg / dL, it will not suddenly continue to drink.

It was filial piety, and hope the health and longevity, it was reported from the son.

* Lung cancer hospital, which was diagnosed as the core hospital in Nagano Prefecture. The doctor is a specialist in respiratory medicine of Shinshu University School of Medicine.
Therefore, it will be considered that there is no misdiagnosis of lung cancer.
In the report, the type of cancer of the lung is not known, since it has over decisions of cancer diagnosis and loss, we ask the only hospital of diagnostic records and so that I am showing the details of the medical history can be.
Guess, I think that it is the squamous cell carcinoma, which can near the main bronchus.
In this case, there is a case removal of the cancer lesion by surgery is difficult, it will be the application of radiation and anti-cancer agents.

Anonymous, female, 30 years old
Miyazaki Prefecture
It was freed from low back pain

It was a Hari therapy for a long time low back pain, but the pain had given up not well.
When such, friend and gave me recommend the red fruit Buamera to be taken only in Papua island of Indonesia.
It is a functional food nutrition that Buamera 300 folic acid and vitamin E has been strengthened.
For the first time drinking Buamera 300, pain becomes lightly in a week, but after a month did not treatment nor medication,
Pain no longer.

Anonymous, female, unknown
Miyazaki Prefecture
Freed from the conventional treatment

After the rice planting season ended and paste the salon path, Osteopathic Council had been followed but good.
I decided to try drinking is recommended the Buamera 300.
Although I think that it is a result, the foot becomes light as a lie, I did not have to come down this year.

Anonymous, female, 70 years old
Miyazaki Prefecture
Abate neck pain

And suffer in pain of 10 years of the neck, in recent years, where was suffering there is also a knee pain, I started drinking is recommended the Buamera 300.
The drinking easier is pain in the neck start to from in a month a little less, it has decreased the number of times of poultice.
I feel a little pain when the force at work, but will need to forget the everyday.
Before drinking Buamera 300, I think that’s a big effect to think that severe pain was running.
Now sore left knee, extend the legs when you sit.
Because the pain is run when you stand up, we are drinking to continue the Buamera 300.

Tokunaga OyaMegumi, female, 50 years old
Kumamoto Prefecture
To clean sputum and glossy nails and hair

I have to study in South Korea like the cuisine and humanity of Korea, also I appreciate a happy life to be able to many friends.
But there was trouble to one only meet with my friends.
It has not smoke as etiquette when people became friends you meet in only people who do not breathe everyone tobacco
It is my style.
While smoking a cigarette, it was my ideal and would like to slowly friends and tea.
So, if you wanted to find a friend who smoked cigarettes on the Internet, we are pleased to become a person of women and tobacco friend
I am thinking.
Moreover, as you are not going to lung cancer, the person who became his friend drinking health food Buamera, we have to introduce me also.
The person was make yourself also sold in South Korea received your help from Japan of Dr. accidentally.

Although we couple will stay and continue to drink every day because it is a heavy smoker, but I noticed a “hash” in about six months,
I noticed in the gloss has come out in our nails and hair.
I very much for those in your meal, but is rude, it is not only a dirty story, yellow Tan is now white pox thereto.
It is really strange.

We couple I think let’s continue to drink to believe the Buamera forever.

Rahmat, male, 32 yrs
Jakarta, Indonesia
Relief from tiredness

After taking red fruit capsules (BM 500) twice a day, I felt I was strong and did not feel
tired doing everyday activities.
I was sleeping very soundly.
Red fruit capsules is best eaten by anyone, including active men like me

Suziana Bella, female, 40th
Bali, Indonesia


Buah Merah 300 is revitalizing me

I am a mom with 3 kids, my age 45 years, I’m from Bali Indonesia.
I got a gift from Myoukei Nishigaki San, from Japan. Two bottles of red fruit capsules.

I consume it regularly twice a day for a month. Since then I never again consume other vitamins,
I have seen so many changes, especially in the skin of my face that was lots of wrinkles,
but now it looks fresh and clean, also I had experience disruption when I was sleep
but now I can sleep soundly.

Red fruit so very good. I am grateful for the gifts that meant so much.
Thank you Buah Merah capsules.

Anonymous, male, 70 years old Diabetes began to improve

For many years the blood glucose level is high, any way that can be recommended to the doctor did not even have little effect.
For Indonesia tropical medicinal plants, but there was interest from before, did not honestly to say credit.
I thought to have been deceived by some acquaintances, and is said to please try to drink noni juice and Buamera,
I was skeptical, but went on to drink three months according to the instructions.

HbA1C it did not decrease even stubborn until now we have reduced to 7.2.
This attending physician surprise to, it is enough to get questions as Will was something.
Of course, I do not think that is probably understood, Ken of noni juice and Buamera did not confided.

Continue to drinking Noni juice and Buamera be, we will to the value of HbA1C in up to about 6.

Anonymous, male, 60 years old In nutrition

There is interest in the entire Buamera, we have decided to recommend is to be drinking.
For the purpose of nutritional support we are drinking on an ongoing basis.
Because it is healthy, it does not feel particularly noticeable effect, but will continue the preventive effect can be expected.

Anonymous, female, 57 years old Free flights, effective in beauty

I was interested in beta-cryptoxanthin, which is included in the Buamera.
Because the effect is expected in the prevention of osteoporosis.

I started drinking Buamera, to realize the effect of the free flights First, physical condition is now very well.
And, I noticed that the ride of cosmetic got better.

Hundred one, male, 71-year-old Add Buamera to cancer and chronic disease prevention

7 from the point of view of 1-8 years disease prevention, is drinking the antioxidant capacity is strong Indonesian noni juice every day,
Such as coconut oil and genuine Bali production of sea salt that does not contain trans fatty acids I have incorporated into everyday life.

Is a medical person but I look forward to seeing the people who died in the many sick and disease, progression of the disease is a daily,
When that will result as the disease is finished, any medical technology, be restored to the original even have drugs
First, you can not.
The important thing is prevention.

For this reason, it includes a substance called not included β- cryptoxanthin in noni juice
It has an interest in Buamera, we are drinking.
From many reports, lung cancer β- cryptoxanthin are involved, colon cancer, prostate cancer, such as Domyaku effect
For chronic disease prevention, Buamera it will say that’s valuable nutrition functional food.

Extent of the effect is not known for physical condition is good, but it is of course because I for the prevention.
and continue to will be drinking.

Anonymous, the whole family A healthy life by adding Buamera to noni juice

Postoperative physical condition improve noni juice, we’re drinking to relapse prevention.
We met interesting nutritional functional foods that contain carotenoids that Buamera, it was decided to drinking.
Drinking Buamera, we realize the effect on the further health along with the effect of noni juice.
Oka whole family in the modal, has been living in healthy every day.

Anonymous, female, 49 years old Normal hormonal balance and thyroid function, chronic disease prevention

I am the shape skinny tall.
Sometimes loss of appetite and shortness of breath followed.
Also twice in the past, you may be suffering from gastric ulcer.
Hormonal balance is there was an abnormality in the bad things and thyroid function.

It has an interest in Buamera, where you drank a multi-vitamin capsules 1 day 1 capsule,
It came out appetite after a few hours, now meal is feeding you have decided to drink every day.

The Buamera After you start drinking, reduce the doctors of medicine, the inspection value of hormone thyroid in the inspection of half a year position
I was normalize.
Chronic disease prevention, such as arteriosclerosis, for the prevention of colon cancer and lung cancer, it is a nutritional supplement in the daily Buamera.

Yes Department of hundred, male, 73 years old The Buamera for during smoking

It is the smokers.
Toko that smoking causes lung cancer I know well.
Therefore, we are looking for and whether that there is no health food that can prevent lung cancer, I found Buamera 500.

Although of course the effect is unknown, lung cancer, diabetes, prostate cancer, for the prevention of chronic disease,
It is to continue drinking the Buamera.

Anonymous, female, 80 years old Are you through with Buamera

Pool cold the body such as the enter 4 times a week, we heard that the body warms up because the toilet is near,
I began drinking Buamera 500.
One day two tablets it and I do not feel a big change, now well work wonders to contact through When 3 grains drink.
and continue to, but I want to absorb the good stuff.

Anonymous, female, 50 years old I began drinking Buamera

Buamera is today, I received. Thank you very much.

Immediately we will drink Buamera from today.

I will be forty years I started smoking.

Since the breast is to stifling throat it is always voice like a grandmother in withered throat, when you saw me
D .. young Jan … it will say so.

Maybe you think this happens in Sucking too much tobacco.

I do not believe … that it money principle Nante health food until this year, which is whether real or fake …

in I do not know things I was ignored.

But mutual Tour of that there can be trusted people, and say to try to drink in good faith …

Decision is I felt strongly. My husband than I, it crowded that cough every day.

So How to change if you wait a few months from today, it is greatly expected puffy. Also at that time to everyone
I thought that you’ll appreciate a good result.

Please, waiting.

I work hard from today with gratitude to Buamera

It will continue to drink.

From the bottom of my heart that the Nishigaki Dr. … Buamera was made ​​development repeated research of struggling, I will consider it as the words of gratitude.

Mira Pusupita,
Woman, 50 years old
Jakarta indonesia
We are fighting with metastatic lung cancer

Bone metastases in lung cancer from Mira Pusupita like to (4th), while sipping a Buamera and noni juice,
Withstands radiation therapy and chemotherapy, lung cancer is reduced, we received a report of a bone metastasis was also improved markedly
(November 21, 2010).

We will introduce the full text below.

“My Name Mira Puspita, 50 year old women, Stewardess.

From the results of general check-up in April 2010 it was found a lump in the left lung.
After further examination, I was diagnosed with lung cancer which had in metastasis
to the Spine (stage 4).
In May 2010, doctors give treatments of 8 times Radiotherapy and oral Chemotherapy until today.

From the moment my doctor diagnose the disease until now, I continuously and regularly consume
Noni juice and capsules of Buah Merah.

The CT-Scan results obtained on April 2010 Month revealed the sized of cancer in Lung was 2cm x 2cm.
In August 2010 the size was decreasing to 1.5 cm x 1, 5cm,
and in October 2010 the size was only 1cm x 1cm.

The result of the Bone Scan in April and October 2010 revealed a significant improvement
on the metastasis cancer in the Spine.

I really appreciate to Dr.Toshiaki Nishigaki for supporting me with Buah Merah. May Good Bless You. “

Anonymous, male, 80 years old During the treatment of end-stage lung cancer, tumor marker successfully

But had no symptoms inherently healthy, professional hospital becomes a re-examination in the examination of the city are diagnosed with lung cancer in the right upper lobe,
He was sentenced prognosis five months. He was immediately hospitalized, but became surgical inoperable a chemotherapeutic agent (anti-cancer agent) and application of radiation therapy.

Anti-cancer agents, but the radiation dose method endured tumor does not shrink, Iressa stop becomes side effects are strongly difficulty breathing in by the treatment.
Tumor markers still To indicate an abnormal value.

And he had been hospitalized any remains there is no method of treatment, was started drinking recommended the noni juice from acquaintance two years ago.
Physical condition, such as appetite has improved the hospital can.
Taking of drugs related to the tumor from the doctor is not at all.
Even once a month checkup after discharge, to receive a tumor marker test every three months.

Last year (2009) Buamera 500 capsules stumbled from November I began to drink a day 6 capsule.
At regular tumor marker testing after one month, the tumor marker was reduced surprisingly doctor.
Currently, there is carried out continuously drinking noni juice Bua camera capsule is expected to reduce tumor.
Without becoming tumor is small, and think that it is good if you can symbiosis, it is greatly appreciated the effect of Buamera.

Anonymous, male, 71-year-old The Buamera to lung cancer treatment of end-stage

From 19 years old to 65 years old, there is a smoking history of about 45 years.
This year in April in the hospital for lung cancer, a friend gave me recommend the Buamera.
Rashiku lung cancer late, we do not know the effect or simply due to opportunistic infection, and had been complicated by pneumonia.

It is the recommendation of a trusted friend, and decided to drink Buamera. It was told the usual 6 per day capsule,
It was decided to drinking more than doubled in my case.
Mid-June, diagnosis of lung cancer is reduced little by little from the doctor. However, the day-to-day painful for pneumonia has followed,
Buamera drinking continues. There is fear of interstitial pneumonia, Iressa has not been taken.

Although there are pneumonia, and allow you with a new anti-cancer agent administration also done because some tumor shrinkage, may be discharged from the hospital in mid-August from the doctor.
Physical condition also becomes very well, from the fact that it began to voice also put out firmly, and I think different discharge permit as “the end of letting go.”

Although now one week in the hospital on August 13, physical condition is extremely good. Also said that recovery (reduction of cancer cells) is fast doctor
You have me.
Somehow, I think, “I feel is that Buamera has worked.”
As well as follow the doctor’s treatment policy, and Yuki drinking continues the Buamera.

○○ male, male, 80 years old I began drinking Buamera to care after cancer treatment

The surgery to malignant tumors of the parotid gland in six years ago.
Mild to angina onset five years ago.
This year (2009) in January, half the pancreas resection of the liver in the liver cancer.
March, prostate cancer is found, endoscopic surgery performed.
BMI21, systolic blood pressure 130, the lowest 55, there is appetite, automotive operation and farm work possible.

It has been hit by a number of cancers. In particular, this year we gave a liver cancer, surgery for prostate cancer.
March of this year, from prostate cancer is discovered drinking the “Agaricus”, to “Buamera 500” from May
It was decided to drinking.
Regularly takes in 2 hospital, we have medication prescription drugs and start the injection of tumor metastasis suppressor from August (every three months).

It was May and unsavory results in blood tests, but the tumor marker values ​​began to fall in the inspection of 7, in August.

Pharmaceuticals, Agarisuku, since the drinking and Buamera, I do not know what’s being response,
There are no side effects of anti-cancer agents.
Healthy vegetables making, carpentry, driving, has been doing housework and anything.

From next month (September), Agarisuku stop, as a healthy food we believe to try only to Buamera.

O Introduction O, female, 45 years old Bowel movement is improved, and feel the beautiful skin effect

I started drinking Buamera 500VE it will be about three months.
Or diet is not appropriate, I do not know whether such because of smoking, had been plagued by women-specific constipation and female genital diseases.
First, drinking Buamera and was initially able to confirm the effect is that stubborn constipation has been eliminated.
The next, is somehow the good condition of the skin.
Carotenoids are the main component of Buamera, which is to exert the effects of vitamin A to be digested and absorbed,
Since the skin has been expressed many RARγ a receptor for retinoic acid, skin basal cells are activated in this work
I believe.

Neither somehow be unlikely non smoking, because it is a single, considering that there is a high possibility that according to the future of breast cancer and lung cancer
As a precaution to this disease, Buamera we think essential natural health material for me.

My mother is the constipation has from the teens. Drinking Buamera is the very beginning of the mother “50 years of constipation was cured.
Those dirty the stomach was the exhaled “all. to laugh along with, it is thanks to Buamera.

O village O child, woman, 69-year-old Osteopathic Academy of treatment the number of reduction

From more than 10 years ago in the joint pain of both feet it becomes difficult to walk, it was almost every day through to the clinic for a foot massage from at this time.
Two years ago, it was recommend Buamera and noni juice from Nishigaki cousin.
Noni juice smell does not agree with me, and drink at the same time and Noni FD capsule and Buamera instead of the juice.
Immediately after drinking the start, whether it was a anxiety to improve natural supplicant not such a drug, three months, and take it to the course and 6 months
It visits the number of massage clinic that had to be haunted every day it was noticed that decreased significantly.
also pain of walking declined.

Buamera was also drinking and purchase even 1 month 1 bottle of Noni FD capsules (one month), but you have a decent spending,
It is cheap in comparison to the daily massage fee. Although it is not sticking to using the money to health,
It is necessary to be effective in accordance with the spending.
Buamera and Noni FD capsules, I think health food that will be answered in this.

Buamera, so it is said to be in the prevention of osteoporosis, because I like the foot is likely to progress and weak,
I’m going to drink it continues to serve as the joint pain treatment.

Gold, female, 70 years old(Korea) Be eliminated stiffness of the fingers

In place of the 70 years old mother, and reports the effects of Buamera.
Joint mother fingers of both hands (not death deformation) hypertrophy by rheumatism to, or by extension,
Although it was difficult to grasp or things, from around after 3-4 months by drinking a Buamera 500VE,
Movement of relatively stiffness is 0.00 finger You is not been smooth.

I myself, I have a time the movement of the neck feel worse pain by cervical deformation,
Mother it will scold why not drink Buamera.
It is therefore the etiology does not know the different things, but take the pain of their fingers by Buamera,
It is to be realized using it proves that it is now allow to move.

FK, female, 41 years old Safe home country of origin of Buamera

We are working at the Indonesian Embassy.
Papua Island Buamera have been developed by Japanese researchers, the description and number of data made ​​in Japan Bua Mera capsule
Now drinking.
The Indonesian government and the M & K has signed a material transfer agreement Buamera (MTA), and Ya news that have started a joint research
Indonesian edition books of Buamera (Dr.NIshigaki, Dr. Ingrid Author) is also the top, more the good is I understand.
I myself feel more healthy. So, the mother of Indonesia resident we are sending this on a regular basis.

Under two hundred, male, 53 years old Physical condition improved

I do not even while yet begun to drink, but I feel like has become symptomatically comfortably, I want to continue.

O island Gil O, male, 60 years old(This experiences, rather than the reports from patients, are from those who are enlightened Buamera Noni) Lung cancer improvement and weight gain

Height 165cm position, weight 40kg stand lean.

The was visited for the first time your O island like in the hospital to hospital for lung cancer was July 13.

At that time but was that because I want the article in the Buamera, and noni juice 1 case
We continue to bring a single Buamera.

Things Buamera, although in a little article in the Nagasaki Shimbun did have a knowledge, because you know there was no thing of noni juice, I talked to the point in the book of noni science readings 2 and Buamera.
Then noni juice was also now that you called us try.

Of course, the book I have give later carefully at that please read.

How to drink as we received guidance from the teacher Nishigaki, noni juice 50ml twice a day 30 minutes before position of breakfast and dinner,
Buamera I was drinking two tablets after each meal.
About well even complexion when he delivered the two eyes of Buamera on August 3 after 20 days
It was that came to rice is eaten.

Until then, it seems to be hated to see the meal or for the side effects of anti-cancer agents.

Right now, it is said that the infusion treatment of one of the anti-cancer agent to the week.

From this time, we have suggestions to get drink three times a day noni juice 50ml.

Was please to say that “try to drink that way.”
And we’ve delivered the third Buamera and noni juice on August 23,
Reduced to two lung cancer mainstream of magnitude of 3 minutes,
weight because the appetite came out is what the 4kg also increased.

Person of serious illness is, I’m really happy to see that is not in the spirit every time you meet.

○ island’s now also all test results in longer hospital discharge to the normal value.

3cm size of lung cancer becomes a 5mm position, transition also not observed, the normal value of if 10 or less

Tumor marker seems to have become 7. It is great thing. Really (October 15 contact)


Large O O, man, 46-year-old Lean gradually recovery

Height 167cm, weight 47kg. Originally it is in the state of Yase a dyspepsia-malnutrition.
To know that there is effective in thin is Buamera 500, and began drinking 4 capsules per day from April.

BMI Although it was 16.5, and improved after one month to 17.9, improving lean-malnutrition I think there are some.
Certainly we are convinced that the effect of Buamera had. Still, it is not felt experience that stood out at the time of one month.

In the three months drinking time, because BMI is 17.3, what a place called parallel state?

Because it is summer production, for perspiration is lively, BMI is I think to be in the difficult rise situation.

Because I dont withstand the severe summer heat, I think that there is the effect of Buamera (compared to last year).
We want to continue to continue drinking.

O sum O, man,
37-year-old body age
Improvement of high blood sugar and HbA1C of diabetes preliminary group

In April high or blood glucose level for the irregular life and diet, applicants as a monitor.
From May, it is drinking a fresh noni juice 100ml of Indonesia before going to bed and Buamera 2 capsule after each meal,
We have to use the attention to diet and moderate exercise.

Fasting blood glucose level

Month, day 3/22 5/8 6/1 7/2 8/2 9/3 7
mg / dl 203 373 253 166 144 165


Month, day 3/22 5/8 6/1 7/2 8/2 9/3
% 12.2 12.0 11.6 9.6 8.1 7.2

Test results of the May 8 by way of Buamera Noni juice drinking just before, was started from drinking May 10.
Drinking 20 days after the start in the June 1, July 2 50 days, it is August 10 to 90 days (about three months).
In the inspection of September 3 (about 4 months), but slightly higher blood sugar levels, HbA1C has declined continue.
In addition, there is no abnormality in liver function (September 17 report).

Both hemoglobin indicates the state of the fasting blood glucose level is also the blood glucose level of 2-3 months A1C (HbA1C),
It is reduced to the bright after Author Buamera Noni juice combination drinking start.
Although were recorded daily self health barometer in June, body weight · BMI, decrease body fat percentage but in visceral fat level change is not to 14.2% from 17.2%, skeletal muscle rate rose from 34.7 percent to 36.6 percent.
Body age rejuvenated 2 years old from 38 years old to 36 years old.
And increased 1648kcal from basal metabolism also 1621kcal.

Fasting blood glucose level of 110 or less, HbA1C also a fun thing to be improved to 6 or less, we want to continue the Buamera Noni juice combination therapy.

O in OO child, female, 40 years old The result improvement in adenocarcinoma and pleural effusion of lung

Been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the lung (multiple), 60ml 1 times Noni juice than in February, three times a day and drinking.
From March, upon drinking the start of the anti-cancer agent (Iressa), it was decided to drinking at the same time so knew lung cancer preventive effect of Buamera.
By already lung cancer, retention of pleural effusion is seen.
Buamera starts from 3 capsules daily, currently at once two capsules, three times a day for a total of 6 capsules drinking.

In Buamera drinking start inspection after one month, apparently cancer imaging becomes thinner, pleural effusion was also reduced.
Responsible by doctor also brought bother surprise chest imaging photo was explained to me.
General condition is good, everyday life also has become easier.

In the inspection after two months, there is no mild anemia abnormality in certain things of liver function and kidney function.

Noni juice, I do not know what Which worked of Buamera or anti-cancer agent,
and continue to Buamera and noni juice I’m going to drink.

Tori Daryiyanti,
Woman, 31 years old (Indonesia)
The remarkable effect on breast cancer recurrence

It is a housewife of 72 years. I was troubled with roughening resistance of poor circulation and skin from when young.
And dry skin in the winter back and arms itchy, skin becomes rough after a nail By scrabble,
I was embarrassed to go, such as hot springs.
Last year from August is recommend (2006) Buamera, twice a day, I now drink 2 capsules after a meal at a time.
I’ve worried about this year’s even dry skin in winter, frostbite also symptoms of Akagire lightly, nor does it enough to give the medicine.
In addition, the skin is likely to Norikire this year’s winter in slippery.
Only the influence of the mild winter is a is unlikely, we realize that it is the effect of Buamera.

Noni tea also has been commonly used, bowel movement now also excellent condition. And it is as long as it is glad to take also fat belly.

Buamera and Noni products are now likely to be long friends also.

○ ○ west elephant, male, 72years old Buamera + and lung cancer recurrence inhibition by noni juice

About ’55 smoking history. 1 about day 2 boxes of heavy smoker.
2005 years 6 to visit the Kobe Japanese Red Cross hospital appeared dyspnea symptoms crowded cough in May.
About near the left lung tracheal bifurcation 6cm -sized tumor was found, surgery to remove outside the scope of judgment. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy due to treatment policy.

8 from May of chemotherapy before the start, Noni 100 % juice one day about 50 Mlx2 times and Buamera 3~ 6 g the drinking started.
Although noni juice did not drink to be advanced in the stinking reason it is unpalatable, only this time to follow the advice.
Although radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatment by mild anorexia and head hair loss occurs,
appetite chemotherapy treatment 1 to time Immediately after recovery,
4 to hair growth black hairs after the end times of treatment.

Mild anemia without some but liver function and kidney function, and the like abnormality. Without the growth trend of the tumor in the periodic inspection, cough also disappeared.
With the exception of the noni juice and Buamera, clothes of prescription pharmaceutical drugs almost none.
Without any impact on daily life, etc., and has been able to Tashinamu a small amount of alcohol and tobacco, for cough in June 2006 has been recurrence,
strongly determined to non smoking. December 2006, liver function and kidney function is normal.Improvement mild anemia is seen.

age sex The 1stdrinking
Number of capsules
37 33 woman Four 2 day swelling of the legs than is lost. The deep sleep can, drying of the eyelid bottom is eliminated.
80 Man Four Tired take deep sleep. I’m glad it was physical condition improved from drinking the day.
58 woman Three Really it becomes sleepy, the body is warm. 3 gloss of skin increases than day.
42 Man Four 2 I feel the energy enhancement to day. The overtime was even No fatigue.
35 woman Three 3 moist feeling to the skin than the day. Defecation is excellent condition, clean.
Sixty Fifty woman Four 2 suddenly better than sweating around noon day. I feel the body is warm, became lightly.
45 Man Four 2 write really sweat than stitches. Lack of sleep there is a tonic feeling. Body temperature is 36.2 from 36.5rose to degrees, inspiring and amazing thing.
twenty one woman Four Body sleep better warm. Luster of the skin is improved.
65 Man Four Sucking too much by the loss upset feeling of the stomach of tobacco.
Recovery vitality of waking up.
72 Man Six A year and a half drinking. Endure the treatment of lung cancer, cancer reduction.
58 Man Six 1 year and a half noni juice or in combination with Noni capsules.
None at all but was suffering often a tracheitis, bronchitis in heavy smokers. Bowel movement is excellent condition.
56 woman Four Although little is obesity, knee joint pain disappeared.
68 woman Four Noni and are used in combination, but fast recovery from fatigue.
50generations woman Six Luster of the skin is improved, vision also recovered.