Nutrition functional food of the world’s attention

Papua’s Red Pandanus fruit
Nutrition functional food of the world’s attention
Stable because it is soft capsules of Buameraoiru

Is a treasure trove of carotenoids Buamera, including most of it is and you know no micronutrient β- cryptoxanthin.
The natural oils obtained without the use of any chemical substance from the flesh of Pandanaceae Tawi, contains vitamins fat-soluble.
Natural Buameraoiru that enhanced blended natural vitamin E in, is a functional food nutrition Buamera 500VE.
In the EU (European Union) we will not go a new material application.
Western natural micro nutrient that whites admitted is Buamera.
In addition, in June 2014 were certified as a functional food formally Korea FDA.
Because it is not water-soluble food, oxidative decomposition of the carotenoid does not occur. Tawi in Wamena
Buamera (Buah Merah) The

Pandanaceae plants vegetation only to Indonesia of Papua island (Pandanus conoideus).
Buamera means “red fruit” in Indonesian.
Buamera has been used as an essential nutrient function food of people living in the highlands of Papua Island 5-6 million years ago.
Buamera is a rare plant that only vegetation in the highlands of Papua island.

Nutritional of Buamera

M & K, many of the carotenoids contained in the flesh of Buamera fruit, was the first in the world to discover that there are many micronutrients that especially β- chestnut Petit xanthine.
Nutritional function of Buamera is I was first evident in.

The Buamera, β- in addition to cryptoxanthin, α- carotene, β- carotene, contains four types of carotenoids α- cryptoxanthin.
The effects of the individual carotenoids gathering, we will think what is to demonstrate the goodness of the additive or in synergistically Buamera.

In addition, vitamin E is also included most often in fruits.
95% or more, making it from natural oils derived from pulp.
The trans fatty acids of non-natural is not good on the body are not included.

The β- cryptoxanthin

The Japanese is not familiar micronutrients, but the functionality of the green and yellow vegetables and fruits we have is heavily involved this β- cryptoxanthin.
Provitamin A, enters the body in xanthophyll material, changes to vitamin A.
Without response to the change in vitamin A, it has been clear in that it has a lot of functionality in only β- cryptoxanthin.
It lacks in modern people, it is vitamins that micronutrient β- cryptoxanthin.
Buamera functional food nutrition

It is a functional food nutrition with the addition strengthen the vitamin E which has an anti-oxidation function in pure Buameraoiru that was extracted from the pulp of Buamera of Papua island highlands.
Due to the soft capsules of, unlike the case of juices or liquids, it will not be oxidized and decomposed functional ingredients.
Is absolutely of chemicals and additives are not used.
1 is a capsule to 500mg, 120 encapsulated.
To such person of vitamin deficiency and smokers, you would like me to drink a day 3-4 capsules a guide.
You can ingest one or more days required amount of β- cryptoxanthin (about 100μg).
For even vitamin E, you can ingest more than 100 percent of the day the required amount (8㎎).
Nutritional function of vitamin E

Vitamin E to protect the body of the lipid from participation by the antioxidant action, is a nutrient to help maintain healthy cells.
If you would like to drink Buamera

◎ towards decomposition, such as the body of β- cryptoxanthin is an early smokers and strenuous exercise ◎ There is a bias in the meal, the absorption from the gastrointestinal tract of people ◎ carotenoid is less opportunity to take a fresh green and yellow vegetables and fruits hinder people of the disease (the absorption is required pancreatic juice and bile)
◎ a person of health interest of the baby of the micronutrient supplementation ◎ skin over the breast milk ◎ towards the menopause later women ◎ who β- cryptoxanthin concentration in the blood is low (more than 20μg / dL is desirable)
◎ other, those who are interested in be noted healthy self-medication, etc.
Safety of Buamera 500VE

Mutagenicity, acute toxicity, has been established safety in the continuous administration test.
Absorption of Buamera 500VE

To the absorption from the gastrointestinal tract of carotenoids, oil is required.
Since Buameraoiru is a natural pulp oil of 95% or more, you do not need to ingest extra oil.
Buamera the Convention on Biological Diversity target plant

Buamera is a rare plant that only natural vegetation on Papua island of Indonesia.
This is the subject of a plant of the Convention on Biological Diversity by the United Nations.
M & K in 2007, has signed related to the Indonesian government and the Convention on Biological Diversity “material transfer agreement” the (MTA).
Buameraoiru natural rare oil

Buamera fruit 1-2 times a year, not fruitful only 1-2 pieces in one tree.
From the fruit of 10㎏ of about 200g oil not only obtained is a rare natural substance.
Offered Buamera oil
Buameraoiru will only be taken about 2 percent from the fruit.
It is a high-quality products that do not use any organic solvents and other chemicals.
The current supply quantity is limited.
Smokers, debilitating serious disease, postmenopausal women, and I would like to offer priority to those who are strong interest in beauty.