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Needless to say, baby, will continue to grow the mother of breast milk as a source of important essential nutrients almost a year.

Acinar epithelial cells of the mammary gland, the baby’s growth and to synthesize the nutrients needed for infection defense, some of the cells while holding it and store inside is torn from the cell body, it is secretion (apocrine secretion).
It becomes that the secretions from entering the mouth of the baby from the nipple can be gathered through the milk ducts.

Contact milk mom invent is the nothing to a treasure trove of essential nutrients to hard baby of growth instead of also.

Atlas of illness, Yamaguchi KazuKatsu supervision, than Kodansha

Vitamin A is also essential trace nutrient baby, but the baby through breast milk as pro-vitamin A is you will be ingested.

Very unique research report on carotenoids in breast milk, have been made ​​in more than 10 years ago (following the report).

Multinational study of major breast milk carotenoids of healthy mothers.
. Eur J. Nutr 42: 133-141, 2003
In this study, mother of nine countries are eligible.

Average age 26 years to 32 years of age, 1-2 times of birth history of some countries about 50 people of breastfeeding in healthy mother (Japanese women, 50 people, 31.7 average age) will not participate in the test.
Baby, 67 days to 129 days of age: is (Japan 98 days old).

In total carotenoids and vitamin A in breast milk and are measured three types of pro-vitamin A change in the body.
The result is shown in the following graph (unit of the vertical memory of the graph nmol / L).

Carotenoid analysis the results of in breast milk has major difference is recognized by countries.

Total carotenoids in Japanese breast milk, so many compared to the other eight countries, will be peace of mind.
At the same time, α- carotene, β- carotene, β- cryptoxanthin concentration also the most common.
About 60% of the total carotenoid content, has been dominated by three types of pro-vitamin A.

Especially noteworthy β- cryptoxanthin, the concentration in breast milk of Japanese healthy mothers, many more than six times in Southeast Asia in the Philippines and the United States, is the result surprising.
Japanese person mom, well choose the food for the baby, we have replenished especially a lot of β- cryptoxanthin to baby.

While in Japan is a pro-vitamin A that only β- carotene is known, you need to how β- cryptoxanthin of baby growth from this test result is, you’ll understand.

Buamera is a treasure trove of β- cryptoxanthin.
For the baby, it is the mother of a functional food nutrition.

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