Where is New Guinea?

Where is I Papua?

Indonesia six times a little of the area of Japan, the world’s island nations consisting of the islands of 18,500.

Elongated country distance of East and West that is comparable to Europe. World of Papua island of Buamera is located in the most east of Indonesia.

Papua Island, formerly a large island in the second in the world after Greenland is said to Iriyan Jaya island. However, it is divided approximately in the center of the island, the 140 degrees east longitude on the border, east of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, the west is the Indonesian territory.
Past, east the UK, West is a Dutch colony, but the east has played an independent after the war, the West is merged into Indonesia, has become a source of now tail Papua indigenous people of the tragedy.

Papua to the provincial capital of Jayapura from Japan, Garuda Indonesia is the most convenient.
Tokyo, or direct flight in about 7 hours from Osaka to Indonesia in Jakarta or Bali, is a trip to the southern hemisphere across the equator.
Then north route through the Makasaru of Sulawesi Island from Jakarta, to the entrance Sentani Airport of Papua island in the south route through the golden city of Timika (the world’s leading gold mine) located in the south of Papua Island from Bali.
Direct flight in about five hours, the middle case of the via and takes less than seven hours, you have a world of Buamera to distant enough to be able to go back nearly to Japan.
It will arrive in Jayapura in about one day if forced, but you may be directed to Papua in the overcrowded travel dates to avoid Jakarta or a few days plenty of nutrition in Bali.

Daily necessities in Jayapura can be purchased, but more of a drinker will be necessary to bring the alcohol.

The good news, Papua Island is not the time difference between Japan, you do not need even immigration application form cumbersome visa beneficiaries.

Buame et al of the world, why not go to the Shangri-la of the world?

Flight route from Japan to Papua Jayapura. Garuda Indonesia Airlines convenient.
Depending on airplane flights, it can be arrived in Jayapura within 24 hours.