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Elmer passed away on December 14, 2012 before Brenda could get her hands on Red Fruit Oil. Brenda vowed even more to discover a natural remedy for cancer for Anthony and others like him. One day Brenda met Samuel Nehemiah, a businessman in Indonesia over the internet, who was excited to tell Brenda how Red Fruit Oil helped his uncle. Samuel’s uncle was diagnosed with liver tumor and the doctor pronounces that his uncle will not live past three months. His uncle started taken Red Fruit Oil in February 2012. After two and 1/2 years, Samuel’s uncle cancer is not active, but the important matter is Red Fruit Oil has helped his condition not to become worse, and has already extended his life for years. Brenda would spend the next year learning about Red Fruit Oil from Samuel.

Like Elmer, Anthony also vowed not to take radiation or chemotherapy to treat his cancer. He decided to trust in God, change his diet, and take three tablespoons of Red Fruit Oil three times a day. After twenty months of observing Anthony through biopsy and laboratory blood testing, the Naval National Military Medical Center dismissed Anthony from the Hematology/Oncology clinic. His Monoclonal Gammopathy test results showed that his antibodies had returned to their normal levels. Anthony’s news and improved quality of life, gave him and Brenda the confidence and urgency to start Visionary International, LLC to allow others to have access to the remarkable product, Red Fruit Oil.

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Buah Merah Japan (We copied the whole page from google.com because the website buahmerah.jp is not active anymore


Buamera (Pandanus conoideus, Pandanaceae Tawi)
Indonesia Papua Shimabara production, rare plant species
Buamera Republic      English

Tobacco and soothes the spirit, to prevent depression and Parkinson’s disease
However, because would not good to health, those who were non smoking might be good
However, tobacco would not be stopped lifetime smokers is the Buamera

Contained in Buamera and Buamera that have been recognized little by little β- cryptoxanthin.
β- cryptoxanthin of lung cancer risk suppression, has become evident in many epidemiological clinical trials.

Become a 2011, also it has been revealed the mechanism of action.
Β- cryptoxanthin concentration in blood and smoking is reduced, in accordance with of all lung tissue of inflammatory cells in it
Signal flows in cells is activated switch towards carcinogenesis.
If you are at the same time intake and smoking a β- cryptoxanthin,
every signal will Yuki weakened clearly lead to carcinogenesis.

This mechanism other disease, is the same example as the attenuation of the pain.
Perhaps the improvement of diabetes also will be explained by this mechanism.

Effect of vitamin A is believed to β- carotene, but this theory has arisen the question.
106 years this year than vitamin discovered.
New era of vitamin starts now.

Now, in the the most attention bathed all over the world, is a micronutrient pro-vitamin A.
Among the pro-vitamin A, β- cryptoxanthin is extremely important.
Every morning 2 capsules, it is recommended that you drink 2 capsules every day before every bedtime.

Buamera that 14 people of Dr. loved

In “The World of Buamera”
Nishigaki Dr. Introducing the Buamera including discovered β- cryptoxanthin in the flesh ofPandanaceae Tawi
Buamera is a functional food of one-of-a-kind in the world, 15 people PhD are research and development.

Smokers, those who postmenopausal ladies, the health of the future due to the adult anxious,
Your skin, it is health function food that I would like you to patronize, etc. If you are interested in the beauty of the hair.

February 2015 Buamera President of the Republic