Osteoporosis A

Osteoporosis A

In bone tissue have been made ​​constantly bone formation with bone resorption (the remodeling of the bone).
Bone density peaked in the 30s, then decremented slowly through the 40s, rapidly bone density along with the menopause before and after the 50-year-old case of women will be reduced.

 The figure below shows the trend by age of 2-4 th bone density of the lumbar spine (BMD).

Changes by the age of 2 to 4 th of bone mineral density of the lumbar spine (BMD)

Changes by the age of 2-4 th bone density of the lumbar spine (BMD)

Spongy body of the petrous bone in a state that is referred to as postmenopausal osteoporosis, then decrease the density of the cortical bone, it becomes prone to fracture.

A lifetime of 1 fracture risk of 50-year-old menopausal women (risk) is said 30%.

Tawy Yiwaunggen (Red Pandanus Oil) drinking example
88-year-old woman: I have been drinking every day Tawy Yiwauggen (Red Pandaus Oil) 500VE 4 capsule and “organic noni whole squeezed”.

Changes in bone density and bone mineral content Change of change and the bone mineral content of bone density

Changes in bone density Changes in bone mineral content

Bone density bone mineral content (amount of calcium) also has increased in every measurement throughout the year.

In comparison with the Tawy Yiwaunggen (Red Pandanus Oil) 500VE taking before, bone density is 6.2%, bone mineral density is was significantly increased by 9.5% in one year.

In addition, it has also increased by 3.1% the area of the bone.

Usually, though bone density with age also falls bone mineral content, we are surprised with the results that can not also attending physician.

In the outcome by taking active vitamin D and bisphosphonates of 1-2 years, the increase in bone density is because it is said to be only 1-2%,

Tawy Yiwaunggen can be expected osteoporosis prevention effect than existing medicines.